Can Multiply generate optimised prices for each individual Marketplace, independently of one another?

Yes! In contrast to other tools that apply a single price per product across all Marketplaces, Multiply checks the competitive environment specific to each Marketplace to determine the best price in each case. This way, your prices are perfectly adjusted and you increase your net margin.
Multiply is also able to apply the same price to several marketplaces and obey rules that prevent one channel from having prices that are lower than another.

What Marketplaces are compatible with Multiply?

Multiply is compatible with Amazon, BackMarket, Bol, But, Carrefour, CDiscount, Conforama, Darty, DistriArtisan, Eprice It, Fnac, Leroy Merlin, Macway, ManoMano, Rakuten, Real, Rue du commerce, and Ubaldi.
Many other marketplaces will become available in the coming months. Contact us to find out when a marketplace or price comparison site is expected to be available.

How does repricing work on Cdiscount?

Multiply tracks all the Cdiscount products on which your offers are listed to find out what prices your competitors are offering. The products with the most pricing changes are tracked up to 16 times per day and the frequency is reduced for products with low competition. This ongoing benchmarking feeds the Multiply price recommendation engine that applies your pricing policy.
In relation to the Cdiscount integrated repricing, Multiply knows how to move your prices up strategically and even positions you in relation to the offers sold directly by Cdiscount. It goes without saying that Multiply also knows to choose your price range in complete autonomy, in line with your margins, and offers you all the reporting features that you won’t get on Cdiscount.


Is Multiply compatible with my feed manager?

Yes! Multiply is compatible with all the automatic feed management tools like Lengow, Beezup, Shopping flux, Iziflux… We perform the integration of your tools at no extra cost, with no assistance required from your provider.

Is Multiply compatible with my e-commerce site?

Yes! Multiply has no trouble adapting to all e-commerce site engines like Magento or PrestaShop, even if your site uses rare or custom-designed software.

Is Multiply a hosted application? Can I install Multiply on my server?

Multiply is a hosted application. Why? Because price monitoring on marketplaces and the interface with their respective back offices require intensive and frequent maintenance. By hosting the application ourselves, we carry out that maintenance for you the user in a perfectly transparent way.
Nevertheless, Multiply is also available for installation to your server. Please contact our sales department for more information on this subject.

Does Multiply take my margin into account to optimise my prices?

Yes! Your margin is an essential factor in the choice of price. Multiply takes all the costs involved in a sale into account to calculate your actual margin:

  • wholesale price
  • various logistics costs
  • marketplace commissions
  • VAT
  • etc.

You set margin thresholds, as a percentage, at the scale of a marketplace or at the scale of a product. You can also define minimum margins or absolute floor prices. Multiply never drops below your minimum margin.


How does the free trial work?

You enjoy a free 7-day trial when you open your Multiply account. You don’t have to pay anything at first, and we don’t ask for your credit card number. The results are immediate and our team will guide you during the trial. At the end of the trial period, you can decide to continue by subscribing to an offer and options, or you can simply stop.

How long does it take to get used to using Multiply and begin optimising my prices?

Multiply is easy-to-use software that you will be familiar with by the end of the first day of use. However, some settings require thoughtful consideration. That is why we offer all our customers a familiarization session by telephone when they take out a subscription.
Finally, Multiply operates in manual mode by default so that you can test your settings choices: the pricing recommendations are generated automatically, but they need to be confirmed by you in person before they are implemented to your marketplaces.

Are there any installation costs or long term contracts?

Absolutely not. Multiply is an on-demand service. You simply pay per month, and you can cancel your subscription at any time. Sellers that want to make a long term strategic investment can purchase 12 months of service at a reduced price.

What is the repricing frequency?

On Amazon, the competitor prices are noted in real time and the pricing recommendations applied up to 30 times per hour, depending on the limits imposed by Amazon. On the other marketplaces, it is not technically possible to get a real time stream of information, so Multiply adapts the frequency at which the prices are noted to the pressure of the competition on the product. Products with no competition are refreshed at least once per day while products affected by frequent pricing changes can be visited several times per hour.

Can the pricing strategies be personalised?

Absolutely. All the settings of your pricing recommendations can be personalised and programmed. Your thresholds, maximum prices and cost calculations are settings that are simple to configure. For any complex personalisation, contact our assistance who can advise you about the best approach to take. If your requirement is unusual, our development team will intervene to implement it.

Is there a limit to the number of optimised products?

None! Multiply can process as many products as necessary. The size of your catalog may however have an influence on the price of the subscription. You will find all the details on the Pricing page.

Can I define special pricing rules for certain products?

Yes, you can adjust your price settings product by product, but you don’t have to do this to get the best price.

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