Multi-channel, multi-marketplace

You sell your products on several online distribution channels: your online sales site, no doubt on several marketplaces, as well as comparison sites. You want to be one of the bestsellers in your field, over a wide geographical area. That is why you need Multiply, a tool that performs on every one of these channels.

The Multiply repricing tool was created to get the best performance possible from the extremely competitive world of marketplaces. On marketplaces like Amazon where dozens of sellers may be competing with each other for every product, you no longer need to price watch. From now on, optimize all your prices on the marketplaces, your merchant site and price comparison sites!

One price per channel, to win all the sales without compromising on your margins
Multiply can track any of your competitors' sites

One price per channel, to win all the sales without compromising on your margins

Multiply handles all the distribution channels as separate competing universes. So, if your competitors are particularly aggressive on one channel, you can lower your price within that context while keeping a higher sales prices on the other. This way, your margins are higher. Because Multiply detects opportunities to increase prices as well as the need to lower your prices (while observing your minimum margin requirements), you maximize the number of sales you win, and you maximize your margin on each sale. If required, multiply can also take into account prices in operation on one channel to choose the prices from another channel, in order to satisfy marketing needs or restrictions imposed by the marketplaces. You choose which cross-channels rules need to be applied.

Multiply can track any of your competitors’ sites

Multiply optimizes the prices on your website as well as your prices on the marketplaces. To do this, Multiply takes into account the prices in operation elsewhere, for example by price watching the marketplaces or price comparison sites, as well as directly monitoring the sites of your competitors. Multiply uses a very powerful price suction method that knows how to monitor any site, even the most complex ones. By using the competitor site monitoring offered by Multiply, you save on the cost of price monitoring software that is separate from your repricing tool, and you have the advantage of the powerful Multiply pricing recommendation tool that knows how to update your prices without human intervention.

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