The Buy Box

The buy box at the best price, all the time

Multiply is fed by a powerful and intelligent algorithm driven by pricing strategies that have shown their worth for 5 years. They allow you to considerably increase your margins and your sales.


Competition is very stiff on the Internet, particularly on marketplaces. Your competitors change their prices frequently, making competitor monitoring complex.
It has become difficult to imagine reacting manually to maintain a competitive position.
Multiply does the job for you. Multiply observes changes and the behavior of your competitors on your product files before applying, if necessary, a new pricing recommendation that allows you to optimize your positioning.


What is the buy box?

The buy box is the crux of Marketplaces, a little box that is responsible for 80% of sales carried out on Amazon, so the seller with the buy box has an important advantage over competitors.

The factor that most influences the choice of seller present in the buy box is the price. Thanks to its algorithm, Multiply succeeds in winning the buy box, thereby increasing your sales revenue without sacrificing your margins in the process.