Multiply your sales with the best multi-marketplace algorithmic repricer

We monitor your competitors and instantly adjust your prices to maximize your buy boxes and margins.

Increase your sales and profits

Multiply allows you to increase your sales revenue and market share without sacrificing your margins. Your potential is our priority!

Algorithmic pricing

Multiply's intelligent algorithms adapt to all marketplaces and allow you to beat even the most sophisticated competitors.

Fast and easy setup

Multiply is easily integrated to your existing tools and automatically synchronizes your data. You will see the first results in just a few hours!

uses Multiply for marketplace repricing

Win the buy box

Win the buy box

  • Objective 1: Maximize your buy box time
  • Objective 2: Keep your product at the highest possible price
  • Multiply finds the breaking point at which you lose the buy box and set your price just below it
Multi-channel optimization

Multi-channel optimization

  • 27 compatible marketplaces with real-time updates
  • Monitor prices on competing websites
  • Feeds to update the prices on your site
  • Multi-currency and seperate prices per channel

Cost-based minimum prices

  • Define your acceptable price range using min and max margin rates
  • Connect your wholesale prices for automatic synchronization
  • All your marginal costs are taken into account: commissions, logistics, fixed or variable costs

Compatible with your software stack

  • Multiply is compatible with virtually all e-commerce platforms, CMS and feed managers.
  • Our repricer can send prices and exchange private data with any custom e-commerce solution

Multiply scales with you

  • Multiply can be extended and customized to your advanced repricing requirements.
  • Integrate with Multiply using incoming and outgoing feeds, raw data exports and our API

Ultra high-performance pricing

  • Win all the buy boxes your price range allows with our repricer
  • React to the actions of your competitors without delay
  • Multiply takes everything into account: prices, shipping times, reputation, hidden variables…

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Your potential, our priority



Multiply was a major contributor to our spectacular development on the marketplaces. The engine's intelligence and its ease of use make it an extremely effective tool.


We adopted Multiply in 2014 after 18 months on Amazon. Over the first nine months of use, our sales increased by more than 80%. Multiply is essential to our marketplace strategy.

During their first month, our customers notice an increase of 65% in buy box rates

Our algorithmic repricer allows online sellers to maximize their margin by finding a balance between the highest prices and highest buy box rates. Thus, allowing the sellers to make the maximum profit
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