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You’re new and looking to find a competitive foothold in the market (annual sales < €500,000).
/ month
Paid yearly. (You save €180)
1 User
1 Connected Channel
5000 SKUs/Refreshes Per Channel


The essentials plan. Best for solo users selling on one channel. Has our core features, including:

  • Smart Repricing Algorithms
  • Omnichannel Integrations
  • Channel-Specific Pricing Strategies
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You’re an ambitious, growing vendor selling on multiple channels (annual sales between €500,000 and €1,000,000).
/ month
Paid yearly. (You save €336)
3 Users
5 Connected Channels
5000 SKUs/Refreshes Per Channel


The most flexible plan. Ideal if you’re selling on a number of channels and have one or two other team members. Everything in ‘Launch’, plus:

  • Extensive Data Exports
  • Competitive Insights
  • Multiple Team Members
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You’re an experienced team in need of an edge over your sophisticated competitors (annual sales of > €1,000,000).
/ month
Paid yearly. (You save €840)
25 Users
8 Connected Channels
5000 SKUs/Refreshes Per Channel


The full-featured plan. If you need more advanced features & numerous users/channels. Everything from the other plans, plus:

  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting
  • API
  • Audit Log
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From €134/month
From €251/month
From €629/month
Supported Users
Best For…
New Vendors
Experienced Vendors
Veteran Vendors
Extra Channels
€30 / channel
€30 / channel
€30 / channel
Included SKUs/Refreshes Per Marketplace
Global SKUs/Refreshes
Extra SKUs/Refreshes
Starting at €2.40 / month / 10,000 SKUs
Starting at €2.40 / month / 10,000 SKUs
Starting at €2.40 / month / 10,000 SKUs
Google Shopping
Price Export to Your Website
Margin-maximizing AlgorithmsWin the Buy Box at the highest possible price
Amazon Real-time PricingUp to 30 times per hour
Dynamic Pricing FrequencyAutomatically reprices more or less often depending on the competition
Custom Pricing FrequencyManually set how often you want to reprice on each marketplace
Autopilot ModeLet Multiply to price automatically (per channel or per SKU)
Min/Max Bound PricingSet prices using a range of sale values
Margin Rate PricingSet prices using gross profit per product
Fixed & Variable Costs Per Channel + SKUSee accurate margins per product with comprehensive costs (including effect of returns)
Cost of Returns Per Channel + SKUCalculate the exact cost of product returns
Automatic Sourcing of Commission Rates + FBA Fees on AmazonConnects to Amazon to source commissions and FBA fees on autopilot
Cross-Channel PricingUses prices across all channels for improved performance
Specialized Algorithms For Refurbished SellersA hierarchy of product conditions ensures your prices reflect reality. Works for all product conditions.
Custom Pricing AlgorithmsCreate custom integrations and automations to meet your needs
Contact us.
Contact us.
Supported Channels
Universal Feed Manager CompatibilitySynchronise your info system with various sales channels
Universal CSV and XML Input & OutputImport/Export your product data
Multiply APICustom automation and integration with your internal systems
Price Update Webhook
Custom IntegrationsE.g. manually connecting an eCommerce ERP
Contact us.
Contact us.
Analytics & Data
Performance Dashboard
Automatic Revenue Calculation per SKUMonitor your sales and calculate your product-specific revenues
Real-time ReportingSee and react to price changes within Multiply as they occur
Comprehensive Price HistoryMonitor Multiply’s performance over time
Bulk Data Import & EditingKeep track of all changes made to your pricing parameters (inc. date and user)
Raw Data ExportsAccess competitive data and use it to gain additional insights
Audit LogA record of all prices (yours and competitors) as observed on your sales channels
Comprehensive Exportable HistoryAccess a complete history of prices, sales, Buy Box ownership and competitive positions for all your SKUs & channels
Custom CSV and XML Data Feeds
Contact us.
Contact us.
Contact us.
Onboarding & Setup
Dedicated Account Manager
Email Support (365 Days Per Year)
Phone Support (GMT+1 Business Hours)

All Plans Include:

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Multiply’s pricing is competitive compared to other high-end solutions. The ease and low cost of adding channels is a big plus. I’m also very happy with the level of support we receive. Any problem we’ve had was solved quickly.

Jean-Charles Long – Head of E-Commerce, Côté Brico

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a price refresh?

A price refresh is when our algorithms check a product page and making an observation of its top listed offers. On some channels, our pricing is based on a quota of price refreshes per day.

What’s an SKU?

An SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is a special code assigned to each unique product for tracking and inventory management.

Does repricing work on my own website?

Yes it does! Multiply can integrate fully with any eCommerce platform or CMS to reprice products on your own store (along with your favourite marketplaces and shopping comparison sites).

A live export of the prices from any connected channel to your website is included in our Grow and Scale plans.

Multiply can also price your website based on a dedicated monitoring of your competitors’ own websites. Contact us for a quote.

How do I know which plan to pick?

Mainly by the amount of channels you’re selling on. The more advanced plans also include a larger feature list that might influence your decision.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my plan?

Yep, no problem! Simply contact your account manager to switch. The price change will take effect during your next billing cycle.

What’s different in the ‘Scale’ plan?

The scale plan includes more channels, users, and SKUs/product refreshes. It adds features like advanced data and analytics, more user accounts for large teams, as well as cross-channel pricing.

What influences the final price of my plan?

A number of factors, including connected channels, SKUs/product refreshes, users, and features.

Are there any other costs (e.g. setup)?

Nope. You pay a single fee (billed monthly or annually). Onboarding, setup, and support are all included. We do offer custom integrations and algorithm development for an added fee, but this is optional.

Will I be able to cancel my subscription easily?

No problem – there aren’t any contracts. Simply cancel your plan and you won’t be billed for the next month.

How does the free trial work?

An account manager will help you get set up to make the most out of your trial, (your trial won’t start until your account is set up). Seven days is more than enough to see your sales increase with Multiply!

Can I try out all plans in the free trial?

Yes, all plans are included in the free trial.

What happens when the trial ends?

You can decide whether you want to continue to a paid plan or not. Once you select and pay for your desired plan, you’ll have access to the platform as you did during the trial.

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