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Find out how Multiply has helped numerous growing eCommerce companies to maximize their sales and dominate their respective markets.
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Increase in Buy Box placement.
The impact Multiply has on our sales is impressive. Our buy box rates have increased 40% on Manomano, 30% on Cdiscount and 10% on Amazon.
Charles Costa
Co-Director, Le Temps des Travaux
Hours saved per week
Multiply is at the centre of a virtuous circle: increased sales and more time, which in turn allow us to generate additional value for our customers.
Frédéric de Foy
Head of E-Commerce, MB Tech

Spare parts leader Domo Expert grew sales by 80% with Multiply

The challenge

Domo Expert struggled to stay competitive as they grew to multiple channels.

Domo Expert is a French eCommerce platform for spare parts for electronics and household appliances. After expanding to multiple marketplaces, they quickly realised the downsides of manual repricing in terms of time wasted, inconsistent Buy Box placement, and lower profit margins.

They looked into automated repricing. However, few tools offered omnichannel support and sophisticated, channel-specific algorithms with rule-based repricing. Until they found Multiply.

The solution

Automated repricing and multi-condition algorithms for omnichannel growth.

Multiply helped Domo Expert to develop a custom repricing solution that kept their prices at the optimal level across their growing list of channels – including Amazon, Cdiscount, and their own eCommerce store.

With an enormous list of products, they particularly valued Multiply’s margin-maximizing algorithms that managed to strike the perfect balance between optimal profit margins and sales, resulting in a near-doubling of their revenues after nine months.

The results
  • Increased sales

    Multiply helped Domo Expert sell more 80% more products across all channels within 9 months.

  • Seamless integrations

    Multiply saves hours of time by integrating with in-built systems and data feeds.

  • Enduring partnership

    Multiply has been providing Domo Expert with custom repricing for nearly a decade.

Electronics vendor Sens Technologies saves 80 hours per week using automated repricing

The challenge

For Sens Technologies, manual repricing was wasting time they couldn’t afford

Sens Technologies is a French electronics company active on Amazon, Fnac, and their own website. Because most repricing tools don’t cater to multi-condition products (new, used), price changes were made manually via CSV import on a daily basis.

With the company growing quickly, they needed a more efficient, automated solution. But Sens Technologies struggled to find software with the right features.

The solution

An omnichannel repricing strategy with multi-condition algorithms

Multiply helped Sens Technologies by developing custom algorithms adapted to suit their unique needs as a multi-channel vendor selling refurbished goods.

We formulated a unique repricing strategy to ensure accurate, margin-maximizing pricing for all their multi-condition products – something that was previously unavailable to them.

The results
  • Increased sales

    Multiply helped Sens Technologies sell more products – particularly out of office hours when repricing wasn’t possible…

  • Better morale

    Knowing that their prices were being optimized on autopilot was a huge emotional relief for the entire team.

  • Saved time

    Instead of manually repricing each SKU every day, Multiply’s automated repricing freed up valuable time.

Multiply significantly increased our sales overnight. But the most impressive gain has been saving four full-time salaries by automating our repricing workflows, which has reduced our costs and freed up valuable time in the process. Our team loves how fast, user-friendly and efficient Multiply is.

Alicia K. – Head of Marketing, Sens Technologies

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