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Why Multiply?

‘Best’ repricing tool? It isn’t a hyperbole.

When it comes to flexibility and pure performance, nothing comes close.

95% stay after switching from another repricer

When our customers try out Multiply after using competitor products, they almost always stay with Multiply. Actions speak louder than words, and that speaks volumes. And when you see their results using our repricing tool, that won’t come as a surprise.

The impact Multiply has on our sales is impressive. Our buy box rates have increased 40% on Manomano, 30% on Cdiscount and 10% on Amazon.
Charles Costa
Co-Director, Le Temps des Travaux
Multiply powers a virtuous cycle: our sales increase, we save time and that lets us concentrate on improving customer service and logistics.
Antoine Fresnault
CEO, Alexis Robert
Multiply’s pricing is competitive compared to other high-end solutions. The ease and low cost of adding channels is a big plus.
Jean-Charles Long
Head of E-Commerce, Côté Brico

Multiply’s secret (competition-beating) sauce

More powerful repricing algorithms


Use a simple, price-based calculation – or force you to manually set pricing rules for each product.


Uses sophisticated, multivariate algorithms that consider product price, shipping, and competitor pricing across all channels – on autopilot. The end results? Higher sales and higher margins – without losing the Buy Box.

Works seamlessly on all your channels


Offer limited omnichannel capabilities, mostly focusing on big marketplaces like Amazon.


Is fully-compatible with 30+ leading marketplaces, your eCommerce store, and comparison sites like Google Shopping. It takes into consideration competitor pricing on every channel – while using a different repricing strategy for each to maximize your overall margins.

Full flexibility over your pricing strategy


Typically rely on you to set pricing rules or provide you with generic, underperforming ‘smart’ pricing rules.


Uses unique algorithms designed to perform optimally for different use cases, including multi-condition (new, used, refurbished) products. You’ll also have complete control over the repricing frequency of every channel and SKU.

Get precise margins for all your products


Let you set basic min/max price bounds but normally don’t offer holistic margin rate calculations.


Set your own price bounds or let Multiply calculate precise margins for each SKU and channel. Our algorithms use your desired margin rate plus all your fixed/variable costs – including shipping, returns, marketplace commissions and fulfilment rates. With exact margins, you’ll be able to adjust your prices with complete confidence.

Multi-tier, 7/365, customer support


Self-onboarding with limited customer support via email.


Offers phone and email support all year round. During onboarding, a dedicated account manager will walk you through the platform and help you pick the optimal strategy to make the most out of repricing. Need help with more complex custom development? Our engineering team is always at the ready.

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