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About Multiply

Levelling the playing field for ambitious eCommerce companies.

Our mission is simple – multiplying your sales & revenues

It’s trendy for tech companies to talk a big game about making the world a better place. Multiply is different. We’re happy doing one thing, and doing it well – helping you to beat the competition and become a market leader with the most sophisticated repricing algorithms in the world.

Our values

What gets us up in the morning?

Helping our customers grow

Helping our customers grow

Creating leading repricing software that helps you beat the competition.
Continuous, lifelong learning

Continuous, lifelong learning

Our hunger for knowledge brought us to create Multiply in the first place.
Improving our product

Improving our product

Multiply is always growing, always improving. That’s how we stay a step ahead.
Founding story

Multiply’s beginnings were humble

In 2014, we built a custom repricing product for one of our clients at Stratalis, our first startup. By 2017, it had grown to surpass the capabilities of most solutions on the market. That’s when we realised its full potential and decided to found Multiply. Today, our omnichannel repricing platform helps hundreds of growing eCommerce vendors to price competitively across all their channels and maximize their sales – without hurting their margins.

Julien Demoor
Founder & CEO

The Multiply Team

Julien Demoor

Founder & CEO

Cédric Ribi

Head of Sales

Constance Colboc

Head of Customer Success

Pajaanee Mootyen

Growth Hacker

Valeria Priori

Sales Executive

Dominik Lippke

Sales Executive

Yohaan Kanowah

Sales Executive

Krunal Dangar

Business Developer

Geraldine Humphries

Sales Development Representative

Clémence Jundoosing

Customer Success & Account Manager

Jérôme Moses

Training and Support Specialist

Mamta Issuree

Product Owner

Jérôme Clerc

Senior Software Engineer

Faryyaz Dilmahomed

Senior Software Engineer

Tameem Goonah

Executive Assistant

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