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Tailor your plan to match your business needs.The Launch plan is a flexible à la carte option, enabling you to pay for the exact services you need. Select the specific catalogs and features essential for the growth of your business



Unlock the full potential of Multiply with our comprehensive Grow bundle. This plan encompasses all Multiply features, including access to data monitoring, or custom strategies to fuel the growth of your business. 



Empower your enterprise with customized solution. The Scale plan offers Enterprise-level access to Multiply, tailored for significant business needs. Contact us if you are a sizable enterprise with specific requirements, and let us customize a plan to elevate your business operations.

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Advanced reports


Advanced Reports offers a comprehensive view of your competitive landscape. Analyze the variance between your prices and those of the Buy Box winner and monitor the pricing strategies of your competitors. Empower your strategies with precise data.

Advanced integration

Easily integrate with all your solutions, incorporating your feeds using specific or advanced formats. Streamline your operations, making technology work seamlessly for your business.

PrestaShop module


Integrate with your Prestashop website using our dedicated module. Effortlessly reprice your products on your website, ensuring a constant competitive edge.Maintain optimal pricing and stay ahead of your competitors on your own website.

Margin pricing strategy

Maximize your profits with the Margin Pricing Strategy. This strategic framework enables the fine-tuning of pricing for optimal profitability, with a profit-driven methodology.

Cross catalog

Retain control over your pricing strategy by determining whether your prices align with specific catalogs. This feature provides a customizable and nuanced approach to pricing, ensuring adaptability to market variations.

Custom pricing strategy


Tailor your pricing with precision using Custom Strategies. Our experts collaborate with you to craft personalized pricing strategies that align with your unique business needs. Unlock the flexibility to shape your prices and drive sustainable growth.

Pricing history

This feature serves as a repository of pricing intelligence. Gain valuable historical data to refine your strategies and make informed decisions. This feature is your archive of pricing intelligence, providing a foundation for strategic growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

A price refresh is when our algorithms check a product page and making an observation of its top listed offers. On some channels, our pricing is based on a quota of price refreshes per day.

An SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is a special code assigned to each unique product for tracking and inventory management.

Yes it does! Multiply can integrate fully with any eCommerce platform or CMS to reprice products on your own store (along with your favourite marketplaces and shopping comparison sites).

A live export of the prices from any connected channel to your website is included in our Grow and Scale plans.

Multiply can also price your website based on a dedicated monitoring of your competitors’ own websites. Contact us for a quote.

Mainly by the amount of channels you’re selling on. The more advanced plans also include a larger feature list that might influence your decision.

Yep, no problem! Simply contact your account manager to switch. The price change will take effect during your next billing cycle.

The scale plan includes more channels, users, and SKUs/product refreshes. It adds features like advanced data and analytics, more user accounts for large teams, as well as cross-channel pricing.

A number of factors, including connected channels, SKUs/product refreshes, users, and features.

Nope. You pay a single fee (billed monthly or annually). Onboarding, setup, and support are all included. We do offer custom integrations and algorithm development for an added fee, but this is optional.

No problem – there aren’t any contracts. Simply cancel your plan and you won’t be billed for the next month.

An account manager will help you get set up to make the most out of your trial, (your trial won’t start until your account is set up). Seven days is more than enough to see your sales increase with Multiply!

An account manager will help you get set up to make the most out of your trial, (your trial won’t start until your account is set up). Seven days is more than enough to see your sales increase with Multiply!

Yes, all plans are included in the free trial.

You can decide whether you want to continue to a paid plan or not. Once you select and pay for your desired plan, you’ll have access to the platform as you did during the trial.

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